Oct 05,2020

Some Misunderstandings to Avoid about Automatic Conveyors

DONGGUAN YIHEDA AUTOMATION CO., LTD.  analyzes some misunderstandings that automatic conveyors should avoid from many aspects.

1. Regarding the design of the automatic conveyor mechanism: In many companies, a project, no matter how large or small, is based on a single engineer. The design is messy and there is no supervision. Other than him, no one can modify it. It is very difficult to improve in the future.

2. The design of some colleagues is like building blocks, the machine-made is like a small tree, shaking when pushing. The machine will be the same as the old bicycle after it has not been used for a long time, the screws are frequently loosened, and it cannot even be adjusted again. Can not get rid of the thinking of using imported standard manipulators, and the efficiency may not be high.

3. The design of various theoretical parameters is based on feeling: never calculate, there is no standard calculation parameter, do not consider the positioning drift caused by mechanics, structural accuracy, product tolerance, and the actual use of "ideal design" that allows clearance, rigidity, and wear. Once the actual machine is built, it cannot operate normally, and there is no room for modification, and finally disputes arise, which delays time and costs money.

4. The mechanical designer has no experience in machining parts, only knows the standard tolerances, and does not know whether it is reasonable. Because of the delivery cycle, there is no time to change the design and do it again. Basically, automatic conveyor fails frequently.

5. The non-standard automation equipment industry is an industry involving a wide range of knowledge. Many units have insufficient knowledge and experience reserves, poor preliminary design, and inadequate supervision. The early management is not good, the design is not good, the delivery is fast, but the customer cannot use it normally, and there is actually no after-sales service.

6. According to the analysis of automatic conveyor manufacturers, many companies have only design and assembly capabilities, but no parts processing capabilities, even repair auxiliary equipment, no standard parts library, almost nothing available, delivery time waits for no one, and finally, everything doesn't meet the standard, it originally needs a grinder to grind, and finally chooses the angle grinding wheel to grind manually.

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