Dec 08,2020

Several Core Technologies of Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

1. Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

In the field of automatic screw feeders, there are several core technologies that have been a highlight of research and development in recent years. In the past, the screw feeder will not issue any warnings when there is an abnormality such as missing locks, floating teeth, sliding teeth, or other instructions and corresponding handling of whether to feed materials, so that the operators often become passive status.

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2. The Core Technology of Automatic Screw Feeding Machine

At present, the automatic screw feeding machine has been able to solve this type of problem, such as:

(1) Automatic Screening Function of Screw Feeding Machine

The automatic screw feeding machine can automatically identify screws with abnormal specifications, such as flat heads and burrs. Selecting these abnormal screws can greatly increase the failure rate of the machine and ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

(2) Automatic Feeding Function

The automatic replenishment function is specially designed for the lack of material in the silo. When the screw is less than a certain amount, the automatic screw feeding machine will give an alarm to remind the operator to pay attention to timely replenishment;

(3) Alarm Device

In the past, when the screw feeder was in operation, when the screw failed, the screw did not feed successfully or mixed, the screw feeder would not give any alarm. Especially when the screw is blocked, if it is not corrected in time, it is easy to cause the screw feeder failure, which seriously affects the normal operation of the screw feeder and the normal operation of the enterprise. Nowadays, automatic screw feeding machine is equipped with an alarm device, which will sound an alarm when it works abnormally.