Nov 17,2021

Preventive Maintenance of Industrial Robotic Arms

Every robot requires preventive maintenance to ensure high performance and consistency on the production line. If the robot's industrial robotic arms does not undergo regular preventive maintenance inspections, it may cause component failure or malfunction, which results in a decrease in production speed or downtime. A properly maintained industrial robotic arm can be used for many years, even decades, after that it needs to be replaced. By maintaining a regular preventive maintenance plan, you can extend the life of your industrial robotic arm exponentially.

So, what happens during routine preventive maintenance inspections? The following are some suggested maintenance techniques that can be arranged throughout the life cycle of an industrial robotic arm:

*Backup controller memory

*Regularly check industrial robot arms, wiring harnesses and cables

*Brake operation check

*Check robot repeatability

*Listen for excessive vibration and noise

*Lubricate the joints according to the specific industrial robotic arm manual

*Visually inspect the teach pendant and controller cables

*Check the cable connection, cooling fan, power supply, safety equipment and other equipment functions

*If necessary, test and replace RAM and APC battery

*Clean the ventilation holes and filters with compressed air

*Grease bushing and balancer

*Tighten the external bolts

*If necessary, replace the battery in the controller and industrial robot arm

As an industrial robotic arm integrator, we have many years of experience. We understand the importance of keeping the industrial robotic arms running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Let our experience help you avoid common mistakes related to robot maintenance. Call us now for more information, and we will respond quickly to your inquiry.