Dec 21,2021

How Does the Laser Marking Device Make Graphics?

Many products we see in our daily life use laser marking devices to mark and engrave, such as mobile phone shell patterns, or customized logos. Patterns are various and beautiful. Someone will be curious about how these beautiful patterns are made. Now let's take a look at how the laser marking device makes these patterns?

First, we input the graphics into the computer, and then use the editing software to edit the portrait into a line drawing, just like the sketch we draw, and then transfer the sketch to the driver software of the laser marking device, and then mark it. The following is the order of marking:

1. The laser marking device uses a high-energy-density laser to irradiate a certain part of the workpiece, that is, focus, so that the surface material vaporizes or undergoes a chemical reaction of color change;

2. The focused ultra-fine laser beam is like a cutter, which can remove the surface material of the object point by point. The marking process is non-contact processing and does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it will not damage the processed item;

3. Due to the small size of the laser after focusing, the small heat-affected area, and the fine processing, some processes that cannot be achieved by conventional methods can be completed. When the products in our lives are to be marked with a laser marking device, the cutter used is the focused light spot, no additional equipment and materials are needed. As long as the laser can work normally, it can be processed continuously for a long time. First use the drawing software to make the drawing into a line form, then export the PLT format, and then input the vector file in the start menu of the marking software.

The laser marking market should not be underestimated. This is a place full of treasures. The earlier the investment, the higher the income. The laser marking device is very suitable for personalized customization, such as mobile phones, keychains, U disks, glass ceramic cups, photo frames, pillows, pendants, etc. In order to provide personalized laser customization services, the choice of the equipment is a key step.