Feeding System

The feeding component is used for material automatic feeding includes screw feeding machine, automatic supplement machine and material hopper machine, etc. The screw feeding machine completes different length of screw feeding and works with the automatic screwing machine, which is more stable and less noisy than the traditional screw vibration bowl; the automatic supplement machine is used for the material supplement of vibration bowl, belt conveyor and other conveyor systems, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the operation times; the material hopper is always used to raise the material to a certain height. All the feeding components can be customized.

What is a feeding system?

The feeding system selects, guides and positions parts for subsequent handling and assembly. The vibration system or feed system receives the bulk parts, places them in the required locations, and supplies them to the next stage of the production process at the speed and rate required for optimal operation of the process.

What is an automatic screw feeder used for?

A mechanism for processing bulk solid materials, in which a screw or helix rotates in a hopper to move the material forward out of the feeding device and enter a process.
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