Jun 27,2019

Yiheda On CCTV

Yiheda On CCTV - Record Transformation & Upgrading Of "Dongguan Manufacturing"

“Manufacturing times” the documentary "manufacturing" theme, divided into “great workers”, “people in the business world”, "shake hands with the world",  in the spring tide of reform and opening, a series of manufacturing industry in dongguan practitioners such as industrial workers, engineers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, such as growth story of struggle, and dongguan manufacturing enterprises to participate in international competition, the story of products to the world, take "made in dongguan" as the epitome of "made in China" samples, with "made in dongguan" transformation and upgrading as China's live case solution, presents the current situation of China's manufacturing industry exploration and transformation, It is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.

YIHEDA Automation, honored to appear in the second set of “ the people in the business world”, as a professional automation equipment manufacturing company providing automation components one-stop shopping service, through standardized, intensive, platform and tools targeted to solve common problems of non-standard automation industry, is committed to become a non-standard automation industry and change enabler, service to “Made In China” 2025 strategic objectives. Since 2014, the company has entered the fast track of development, successively becoming the first batch of pilot enterprises of "doubling plan" in dongguan city in 2017, the 11th batch of municipal listed reserve enterprises, and promoted to the honorary pilot enterprise of "doubling plan" in 2018.

At the beginning of its establishment in 2010, the company's team of nearly 100 people spent nearly 18 months to compile YIHEDA's first engineering model selection and design manual according to certain classification of parts needed for automation equipment. Let China automation equipment use a relatively consistent standard of components, thus reducing the cost of automation equipment. After nearly 10 years of development, the 1500 - page FA selection has grown to 3000 pages of thick directory, product line has been derived for the six series of products: the FA factory automation components, the catalog of aluminum/parts, automation equipment functional components, industrial frame structure components, FA electronic electrical components selection, the linear motor.

In April 2018, YIHEDA’s second factory was completed, with a total area of more than 20,000 square meters. The new storage center has been improved in aspects of incoming materials, quality inspection, storage and delivery. The construction of the new storage center is an element of our responsibility to meet the needs of our customers.

At present, YIHEDA can provide equipment manufacturers with more than 10 million types of standardized parts and components catalogue, 3D modeling, and online sales, free distribute more than 100,000 sets of product catalogue and 200,000 sets of design software, making YIHEDA standard become the industry standard and fact standard.

We are very proud of this appearance on CCTV, which is not only an encouragement for us, but also a spur for us to work hard and do a solid job in the field of automation products and user services. Grateful customer support! Young YIHEDA has been on the road to provide automation customers with one-stop parts procurement services, assistance of make in China!