Jul 23,2019

Working Principle and Usage of Automatic Screw Feeding Systems

Working Principle of Automatic Screw Feeding Systems

Pour the material into the feeding box and start the switch. The material is continuously lifted from the bottom of the feeding box to the outlet through screw. There is a time setting in the automatic screw feeding systems. Feeding time can be set according to each feeding quantity. Spring feeder adopts screw conveying principle.

The material is rotated from the storage tank to the plastic extruder with a wire spring until the filling signal is sent out by the level device. It stops eating. After a period of time, it can restart the reciprocating cycle. According to the user's requirements, time relay can be used to control the downtime and realize automation.

The automatic screw feeding system is mainly used for the feeding of various plastic powder, granules and powder mixtures, and is used in conjunction with extruders and injection moulding machines. It can also be used to transport flour, talc powder and other powder. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, stable performance, large conveying capacity and long service life.

Application of Automatic Screw Feeding Systems

The machine can be used in a wide range of applications, such as powder feeding, plastic granules, powder mixtures, crushers, and powder feeding in pharmaceutical and chemical production processes. It consumes less energy. Compared with traditional vacuum feeder and spring dust feeder, its energy consumption is only about one third of them.

The screw feeder is a necessary auxiliary machine for plastic, food and chemical processing machinery. It can automatically convey powder or granular sheet materials to hopper directly. It is a special equipment for adjusting mixer and so on. Contact materials are made of stainless steel. The raw materials in the process of transportation are completely free from pollution, and no foreign bodies are brought in. It can make the production process completely closed and automated.

Mobile screw feeder is easy to install and movable. If more than one mixer uses the same material, one screw feeder can supply it at the same time, so as to avoid the trouble of manual feeding and make the feeding work safer, more time-saving and more labor-saving.