May 08,2018

Why do we need to train before we operate automatic assembly equipment?

With the rapid development of industrial machinery industry in our country, the increasing research and development production machinery and equipment, automated assembly equipment today, we need to know more about how the importance of training.

1. Refine the design process and establish a guarantee system.

The production of standardized products has a complete process system covering the whole life cycle of the product, and the product is regulated. The non-standard automation equipment development process of mechanical structure, process, electrical, information technology and other multi-disciplinary knowledge, strong creativity, to the employees have very high demand, therefore, in the link of product design process must be refined.

A complete set of standardized process system applicable to the enterprise's own situation and it is of great importance to the design of non-standard products. However, the fact is that most non-standard enterprises have not yet established a complete design process.

2. Actively implement the "three modernizations" method.

"Three modernizations" refers to the standardization of parts, the generalization of parts and the serialization of products. The implementation of "three modernizations" is conducive to reducing design workload, shortening design cycle and improving product quality. It is helpful for designers to focus on the design of key parts and make mass production.

It is conducive to the rational use of raw materials, saving energy, reducing costs, improving quality and reliability, improving labor productivity, improving product interchangeability, and facilitating maintenance. Facilitate product upgrade and improvement.