Oct 19,2020

What is the Movement Mode of the Automatic Manipulator? How to Choose an Automatic Manipulator?

According to the different forms of arm movement, automatic manipulators can be divided into four forms: Cartesian coordinate, cylindrical coordinate, polar coordinate and multi-joint.

1. Automatic manipulator in Cartesian coordinate type

The arm moves linearly in the three coordinate axis directions of the Cartesian coordinate system, that is, the arm moves forward and backward, up and down, and left and right. This form of coordinate occupies a large space, but the working range is relatively small, and the inertia is large. It is suitable for the situation where the working positions are arranged in a straight line.

2. Automatic manipulator in cylindrical coordinate type

The arm in this type moves forward and backward, up and down, and swings in the horizontal plane. Compared with the Cartesian coordinate type, it occupies a smaller space and has a larger working range. However, due to the structure, the low position in the height direction is restricted, so objects on the ground cannot be grasped, and the inertia is relatively large. This is a widely used coordinate form for automatic manipulators.

3. Automatic manipulator in polar coordinate type

This arm moves forward and backward, pitching up and down and swinging left and right. It is characterized by using a simple mechanism to obtain a larger working range, and can grasp objects on the ground. Its motion inertia is very small, but the error of arm swing angle is large.

4. Automatic manipulator in multi-joint type

The arm is divided into two parts: the forearm and the forearm. They are connected by the elbow joint. The forearm is connected with the cylinder to form a shoulder joint. The wrist joint is between the wrist and the forearm. Same as a human hand. The multi-joint automatic manipulator has flexible movements and low inertia, which can hold the workpiece close to the base and work around obstacles. The multi-joint automatic manipulator has a wide range of adaptability. After the introduction of computer control, its motion control can be completed either through programs or through memory by simulation, which is the development direction of automatic manipulators.

With the continuous development of modern society, all kinds of machinery and equipment are emerging in an endless stream, which also increases the opportunities for people to purchase, and they often shop around. So how to choose an automatic manipulator? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

1. When choosing to purchase automation equipment, customers need to choose a manufacturer with rich experience and independent research and development to ensure the stable performance and quality of the product.

2. The choice of automatic manipulator requires on-site inspection of the supplier's production scale in the production workshop to ensure that the company has strong productivity and timely supply of goods.

3. Before selecting an automatic manipulator, please select the appropriate type, function, material and other manipulator parameters according to the needs of the product process.