May 08,2018

What are the characteristics of non-standard automated mechanical design?

Automation equipment I believe we are all familiar with non-standard automation equipment, and now let us learn more about the non-standard automation equipment design conditions and characteristics.

Enterprises sometimes encounter special problems in some aspects of their production practices, and these problems have become the bottleneck in raising labor productivity. If these bottlenecks can be solved by designing some special machines, this is undoubtedly a boon to the business. The source of this gospel is a branch of mechanical equipment design - non-standard automation design. Non-standard automated mechanical design generally needs personnel, need to understand machinery, electronics, electrical and so on.

The non-standard automated mechanical design must be carried out by professionals, including mechanical, electrical and other professionals.

Non-standard automated mechanical design features:

1. Focus on the design of standardization, modular and simplified principles.
2. All using 3D design software such as Auto CAD, Pro / E to design the product, it can generate physical quantities such as zero, component volume, weight and center of gravity, which provide a reliable basis for related design and subsequent processing.
3. All 2D structure drawings are automatically generated by the computer according to the 3D digital model to ensure the accuracy of the view and the size, and ensure the harmony and unity of the drawing quality and the work efficiency.
4. The design is completed to output BMP, JPG and other formats of product rendering.