Jul 21,2019

Setting and Maintenance of Automatic Manipulator

The reason why the automatic manipulator may fail: The joints of manipulators are mostly fixed by screws, which may be loosened due to long vibration to form the manipulator loose frame, fracture of joint block of components, etc. On the other hand, the vibration of the manipulator causes the loosening of wire and relay and poor road contact. It leads to manipulator disorderly action, electronic control crash, burning electronic control and other scenes.

Daily protection tasks of automatic manipulators:

1. Oil Pressure Buffer: Change on schedule.

2. Seals for long-used cylinder end caps, introspective gas pipes and joints should be replaced in time.

3. Rectify wiring connectors, plugs and sockets on schedule in 12 months.

4. Pneumatic components: The actions of simple and multi-functional manipulators depend entirely on the gas source propulsion, and the gas source must be stable and water-free.

Gas and water are two different media. Gas is invisible and water is tangible. So, water will scale if it stays in the air pipe, cylinder and electromagnetic field. It will cause the solenoid valve to stuck and blow out, wear and leakage of gas seal, and internal and external leakage of cylinder. When the cylinder moves, it appears powerless, creeping, inactive or sudden quick action, and explosion of trachea and joint.

In summary, the automatic manipulator can effectively replace the manual to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and the maintenance cost is low. But in the daily maintenance, we also need to pay more attention to it to avoid the failure of automation manipulator, and avoid the impact on the production efficiency of enterprises.

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