Jul 10,2019

Safety Matters Needing Attention in Machine Automated Manufacturing Line

1. Pay attention to the clamping force not too large (avoid damage)
Automated manufacturing line for machine processing mostly adopts the automatic design. When using it, we should pay attention to choosing appropriate clamping force according to the different types of materials, and not set too much tightening force. This may damage some of the processing materials, especially the surface of the bar.

2. Pay attention to the opening and closing range not too small (make the work more convenient)
Generally, the opening and closing range of automatic manufacturing line are moderate, but if the space environment permits, the opening and closing range can be increased as far as possible. Especially when taking large volume materials, we can adjust the opening range in advance to make it more accurate.

3. Be careful not to move too fast (avoid vibration)
In the use of a machine-automated manufacturing line, its operation stability should be the basic premise. If the size of the object is large, or because of other factors such as too fast running speed, the overall stability of the equipment will be reduced, which may cause a vibration of the machine-processed automated manufacturing line arm and reduce its grasping accuracy.

4. Note that sliding does not conform to shutdown (avoid affecting operation)
Machining automated manufacturing line work environment is more complex, and some materials are small in size, easy to enter the equipment to affect the operation of the equipment. Therefore, if there is slippage or obvious abnormal noise in the automatic manufacturing line of the feeding and unloading machine, the machine should be stopped immediately to check and prevent further damage to it.