Jun 21,2019

Overview: China's industrial Internet platform development

Industrial Internet is the essence of man, machine, interconnection, depend on different links of manufacturing into different sensors, real-time perception and data collection, and constantly and with the aid of data are for industrial link accurately and effectively control, finally achieve the goal of efficiency.

The "industrial Internet" was proposed by the R&D department of GE in 2012, and former GE CEO firmly believed that it was the future of industry. But who is to say that Dick Morley's 1968 hangover was not the butterfly wing that fanned the modern industrial Internet revolution? It was the day of his hangover 50 years ago that he drafted the memorandum, which led directly to the invention of the PLC (programmable logic controller). Since then, M2M (inter-machine communication), Ethernet standardization, world wide web (WWW), TCP/IP protocol for PLC developed, until Kevin Ashton proposed the concept of Internet of things, Ethernet has been ubiquitous in the industrial environment. Along with IT standards into the field of industrial automation, the future of the industrial Internet is emerging.

The essence of industrial Internet is the interconnection of people, machines and things. It relies on the implantation of different sensors in different links of manufacturing industry to continuously conduct real-time perception and data collection, and then use data to accurately and effectively control industrial links in succession, so as to achieve the goal of improving efficiency. Today, the foundation of industrial Internet has been gradually implemented, including industrial connectivity, advanced analysis, conditions-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine learning and augmented reality. Many countries and enterprises in the world are investing heavily in industrial Internet. There is no doubt that in the context of reform, opening up and global integration, great changes have taken place in China's industrial production environment, and the industrial Internet platform is developing rapidly with a promising future.

Industrial Internet platform is in a traditional cloud platform on the basis of superposition of the Internet of things, big data, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, huge amounts of heterogeneous data gathering and modeling analysis, industrial experience knowledge software with modular application development and operation, industrial innovation, so as to support production of intelligent decision-making, business model innovation, the optimal allocation of resources and the carrier of industrial ecological cultivation. At present, there are the following industrial cloud platforms in China's market:

First, the platform is used to connect enterprises and users to form personalized customized service capabilities. For example, Haier COSMO Plat cloud platform opens up the links of demand, design, production, etc. to realize personalized customization application mode.

Secondly, platforms can be used to get through the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and optimize resource allocation, such as INDICS and root-root interconnection of space cloud network, and achieve the functions of supply and demand docking and resource sharing by pooling demand and supply.

Third, manage software enterprises. Relying on the platform, realize vertical data integration from the management level to the production level, so as to improve the intelligent and accurate analysis ability of software. Typical cases are SAP HANA platform.

Fourth, design software enterprises strengthen the data integration ability based on the whole life cycle with the platform, and form the innovative application based on the digital twin, thereby shortening the research and development cycle and accelerating the product iterative upgrading, such as SYSWARE platform of suowei system.

Equipment manufacturer storage power builds industrial clouds

The complete solution of industrial Internet has four links: automation equipment access, automation equipment communication, industrial Internet platform, software application in service. Device access connects hundreds of millions of terminal industrial devices to the Internet and shares the ultimate value of industrial cloud platform through data exchange.

Automation equipment manufacturer-oriented enterprises, such as xugong group and shenyang machine tool, build an industrial cloud platform ecosystem with the concept of informatization, and realize the informatization service of the whole value chain.
Xugong aims to forge China's "Predix". In 2009, XCMG started the overall promotion project of informatization, formed a complete informatization system of research, production, supply, marketing and service, and the whole value chain, and accumulated 150T of industrial big data. On November 11, 2016, XCMG, together with alibaba and huawei, officially launched the "XCMG industrial cloud" globally. At present, the platform has been connected with more than 670,000 devices, including construction machinery, automobile, agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery and completed machinery, accumulating a large amount of data.