May 08,2018

Non-standard automation equipment selection introduction

Non-standard automation equipment is the user-customized, user-unique automation system integration equipment. It is based on the customer's needs to design and manufacturing equipment. And different types of customers have different process requirements, the following is a good choice of non-standard automation equipment:

1: Engineer's planning ability

Engineers engaged in non-standard automation equipment must have a very rich experience in planning, to know many different technical needs and guidelines, can timely identify the key points of various technologies and pay attention to the reliability, safety and stability of the production equipment.

2: The quality of the device

The quality of the components used in the equipment is very high, so the quality requirements of the pneumatic components, guide components, circuit components, control systems, mechanical components are high too. The suppliers selected are all world famous brand suppliers.

3: High-quality equipment commissioning and trial production effectiveness.

After the automation equipment is assembled, it will be inspected repeatedly by internal engineers and debugged to make the various functions of the equipment arrive excellently. Then the engineer will go to the customer's factory along with the equipment, carry out trial production at the customer's factory, reconcile the customer's preliminary preparations for the power supply, gas source, etc., and put it into trial production. After a few months of excellent operation of the equipment, carry out the final inspection of the equipment, the excellent after-sales service and service.

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