May 08,2018

Non-standard automation equipment design considerations

The ultimate goal of non-standard automation equipment design is to free people from heavy labor and improve production efficiency. So how can designer to make the device more user-friendly and easier to operate during the design process? Set to be recognized as the design must take into account the following factors:

1. To facilitate debugging. In the design of the machine structure, to be easy to fault place layered assembly, easy to disassemble when debugging.

2. To be environmentally friendly. Some of the wastes that appear during the production process must be recycled and sorted in a timely manner.

3. To reduce noise. Too much noise decibel people can not stand the ear, so the need for noise reduction noise reduction.

4. High machine safety. In the entire production process, people are the main body of production, so the machine's safety performance must be taken into account.

5. User-friendly operation. Convenient when hauling the machine, wheels can be installed under the machine.
The above points set suitable for the design of non-standard automation equipment must be taken into account when several factors to facilitate the installation of designers to debug, but also improve human safety and reduce factory noise pollution.