May 08,2018

Be the most professional non-standard automation equipment design company

First, non-standard automation equipment planning process:

(1) Determine the development project and understand customer needs, including product quality requirements, equipment production power requirements, equipment operating environment, etc.
(2) Analyze the product, understand the product production process, understand all aspects of the product specification requirements and incoming status, communicate with customers about the product precautions and other technical parameters.
(3) Prepare a plan, the plan includes equipment diagram, part of the organization briefings, actions clarified, equipment technical parameters.
(4) Plan reviewing, the trial content includes equipment feasibility evaluation, equipment cost evaluation, equipment production power evaluation, the feasibility evaluation of each part of the structure.
(5) Plan rectification. Rectify the issues discussed in the plan hearing.

Second, how to make a non-standard automation equipment planning.

With the rapid development of social sciences, the new technological revolution in the mechanical planning puts forward higher requirements. Because of the variety of non-standard automation equipment, planning a job is more difficult. Which requires non-standard planning engineers need to have a broad knowledge, excellent flexibility and ingenuity, more ideas, unique insight, can transplant other organizations and integrate into their own planning intent.