Aug 01,2018

Yiheda Conducts New Product Training On The Spot Of Foxconn


In order to serve customers and provide customers with the most professional and high-quality product technical training, on June 10, the company's product managers Lin Chunxian and Liu Junyuan took a group of five senior management personnel to Foxconn, Longhua industrial complex of Shenzhen, to promote the use of automatic equipment. More than 20 people, including purchasers and engineers from the robotics automation department of Foxconn, attended the on-site product training.

The on-site technical training is divided into three sections.

Section1 Product classification:

1. Grab functional components 2. Transport functional components 3. Other functional components  4. Feed functional components.

Section2 Product functions and applications:

This section is subdivided into each product, which is described in detail about its functions, corresponding to the application situation.

Section3 Communication and guidance:

To understand the types of equipment made by engineers and provide customers with professional suggestions on product use.

Based on the experience of the 18-year automation industry accumulated by Yiheda's non-standard equipment business department, the deep technical knowledge accumulated by the automation industry, and the continuous pursuit and innovation of automation technology, we develop common functional components for automation equipment that are useful to the industry and engineers. The modularization of design components reduces the repeatability of the design phase, reduces the drawing workload of structural engineers, and thus reduces the design work cycle and improves the design efficiency. Because of the modularization and standardization of components, customers only need to purchase the whole component, so as to reduce the sporadic purchase of equipment, reduce the assembly work, and ensure the accuracy and operation stability of the assembly components.

The engineers at present actively ask questions,  and the response is very good. Everyone is very satisfied with the effect of this training. As long as customers have needs, employees of Yiheda will go to the customer site to serve every customer with the fullest enthusiasm of Yiheda’s staff.