Nov 16,2018

Why is non-standard automation called the bone marrow of enterprises?

The design of non-standard automation equipment is customized through drawings provided by customers or proposed solutions. It is believed that many people are unfamiliar with the word, and only have a general idea about it. Next, I will simply carry out science popularization for you. What are the secrets of non-standard automation machine and equipment design that we have not yet known?

Features of design service for non-standard automation machine:

1. It pays attention to the principles of aesthetics, modularization and simplification.
2. After the design is completed, product drawings in BMP and JPG formats can be exported to edit product information and produce product concepts and materials.
3. All two-dimensional structure drawings are automatically generated by computer according to three-dimensional digital model, which ensures the accuracy of views and dimensions, and ensures the synchronization of drawing quality and work efficiency.
4. All 3D production software, such as CAD and Pro / E, are all models for making products. The size, weight and center of gravity of the parts can be generated, which provides a reliable basis and guarantee for relevant design and follow-up treatment.

Advantages of non-standard mechanical design

It can not only improve the quality of products, but also improve the efficiency of operation, and ensure the safety of production. So there is no dispute or refutation about the benefits for enterprises. The mechanical design of non-standard automation equipment needs to be customized according to the products. It can improve the quality of products and complete all kinds of complex operations at one time, which greatly improves the efficiency of work. One person can operate, so the demand for workplaces is reduced, and the cost of the labor party is saved. The operation is very simple. The operator just put the product in the device and press the start button. The machining accuracy can be guaranteed, followed by loading and unloading conveniently, accurately and quickly.

Design scope of non-standard mechanical equipment

Mechanical design is only based on the design and process of the given scheme and object. The design of non-standard equipment is different. It is to be innovative and automated. The mechanical design of non-standard equipment is to be designed and manufactured without reference. Non-standard products can not be replaced, but can be slowly improved, gradually improving the technical nature and becoming the standardize products for people.

The market of non-standard automation equipment machinery is very good. What industry advocates is the automation manufacturing technology. The progress of technical skills is closely related to the design of non-standard automation equipment. In enterprises, it is the marrow of enterprises, and in the social market, it is the vanguard of technological operation progress. Simply speaking, the mechanical manufacture of non-standard automation equipment is the design of non-standardized equipment, non-standard parts and non-standard concepts.