Jul 31,2018

What Is The Difference Between A Spot Welder And A Convex Welder?

Guide reading: The convex welder is to weld by punching convex spots on the plate in advance, while the spot welder directly welds the two raw material plates together. The latter is relatively simple. Then why do we punch convex spots to weld? The problems are:

First, the material is very thick, which is not easy to weld. The convex spots can make it easy for welding, and the demand for current is not high.

Second, the efficiency of convex spot welding is high, the effect of welding surface is good, dozens of convex spots can be punched, and the plate can be welded at once, which is much faster. They both belong to the resistance welding, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by dealing with specific issues can we achieve the desired goal.

Simply put, the spot welder is to use the welding head to directly weld the workpiece, which is generally composed of a flat head and a pointed head. The convex welder is to punch the convex spots in the workpiece in advance and is usually composed of two flat electrode heads.