Jul 12,2018

Universal Humanoid Robot Will Become A Reality In 2025


After two days of the 2017 SoftBank conference held in Tokyo 20th. National "thousand people Plan" distinguished experts, CloudMinds founder and CEO Huang Xiaoqing in the General Automation Assembly of the Company's research progress focused on the cloud intelligent robot,custom automated machines development. The technological evolution of CloudMinds will begin with the non humanoid vertical service robot, and gradually realize the versatile humanoid robot with the technological progress. Huang said,"In the future, robots are human nanny robots, and this dream will be realized in 2025."
Huang first explained the concept of cloud intelligence. He said that cloud intelligence is the only way to develop the robot, the general human brain is composed of hundreds of billions of neurons, the simulation needs 1 million times times the volume of electronic components to be able to barely do. This means that humans have long been unable to put such a large "robotic brain" on the shoulders of the robot, only the data and computing in the cloud computing is the solution, so the machine brain can only be placed in the cloud.

"We focus on frontier areas such as cloud-integrated intelligence, high-speed secure networks, and secure intelligent terminals and robotic control technologies, etc. To do this, create a combination of machine learning and artificial cognitive computing cloud integration platform (HARI), convergence is Intelligence Operations the one million robots,which has been applied to guide the blind and other fields; The high-speed, secure backbone network (VBN) that is currently being deployed covers high-speed, secure network services for smart devices and robots through software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined boundaries (SDP), and blockchain technologies.In addition, based on extensible interface with the operating system virtualization technology, we have developed the world's first intelligent cloud specifically for the cloud to create a robot control terminal 'DATA' products. "Huang said.

Huang Xiaoqing said that the cloud intelligent robot platform and part of the architecture have been put into commercial use, and the CloudMinds' cloud intelligent control terminal (DATA), mobile intranet cloud service and cloud-guided robot have provided pilot services. For example, the META products can provide face recognition, object recognition, path planning, obstacle avoidance and other services to a certain extent. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the private security intelligent cloud service XaaS Cloud created by the CloudMinds for enterprises.Through the open cloud intelligent PaaS capability to help enterprises,the industry quickly builds the application of wisdom.

The technological evolution of CloudMinds will begin with non-human vertical service robots, and with the advancement of technology, the universal humanoid robot will gradually be realized. "In the future, robots will achieve 'humanoid robot nanny', this dream will be realized in 2025."Huang said.

CloudMinds is positioned in the cloud intelligent robot operator, focusing on global secure communication networks, artificial intelligence, and robot operation services. In May 2016, the company received a $30 million seed round investment from Softbank, Foxconn and Walden Investment; in March 2017, it successfully completed a $100 million Series A round of financing.