Aug 09,2018

Three Development Trends Of Automotive Testing Equipment

Due to the continuous improvement in the performance of automotive emissions, energy conservation, safety and comfort, the degree of electronic control of automobiles has also become higher and higher. The electronic control device of the car must process all kinds of information quickly and accurately and display it through electronic instruments so that the driver can understand and master the operation status of the car in a timely manner and properly handle all situations. At the same time, automotive testing equipment is developing in the direction of an "integrated information system". Its functions will not be limited to the current speed, mileage, engine speed, oil volume, water temperature, and direction lights, and some functions may be added, such as intelligent automotive instruments with ECU. It can indicate the operating state of the safety system, such as tire pressure, the braking device, airbag, etc., which puts forward higher requirements for automotive instrumentation technology.

Automotive instrument technology deducts three major development trends:

1. Automobile instrument drives the innovation of display mode and lighting mode.

With the rapid development of technology and the gradual reduction of manufacturing costs, electronic automotive instruments have many forms according to their different functions and use. They are being applied to different grades of automobiles according to their respective functional characteristics. Moreover, as the future technology puts forward higher requirements for automotive instrumentation, it will inevitably lead to a big reshuffle of the market pattern of the automotive instrumentation industry.

2. Automotive instrumentation will develop into an information center.

In the future, automotive instrumentation will become a multi-functional information display center. More information on driver needs will be displayed in a timely manner, such as fault diagnosis, topographic map display, navigation, and various information, which is the general trend of automotive instrumentation. Relevant experts say that many requirements have been put forward to automotive instrumentation to adapt to this trend.

3. Automobile electronic instruments will adapt to the trend of digitization and networking

At present, there are two kinds of technology for automotive instrumentation. One is the traditional simulation display. At present, the application share in the Chinese market is still relatively large, but most of them are used in the early introduced models or trucks and minivans. The second is digital instruments, which is represented by joint ventures with China or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, such as ACDelco, FIAT GROUP, Siemens VDO, Visteon, and Bosch.