Aug 13,2018

The Transformation Of The Robot Industry

Vice Mayor Yeniuping said that Guangzhou is seizing a favorable opportunity to build a pilot and demonstration city called "Made in China 2025", and that it is building a national first-class manufacturing city and focusing on implementing the "IAB" plan. A new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, and biomedicine "3 10 billion yuan" funds have been set up to vigorously develop these three strategic emerging industries and build hundreds of billions of industrial clusters. By 2020, the output value of the intelligent equipment and robot industry is nearly 100 billion yuan, and the IAB output value regulation is nearly 1 trillion yuan.

In 2016, the output of industrial robots in Guangzhou was 2287 units (set), an increase of 31.7% over the same period last year. Behind the rapid development is the fact that Guangdong has a really good policy on the production and application of robots. Since 2015, Guangzhou has allocated 3 billion yuan special funds for 3 consecutive years to promote the rapid development of key industries such as intelligent equipment and robots. In 2016, the city's intelligent equipment and robot output value was nearly 50 billion yuan.

Zou Sheng, the inspector of Economic & Information Commission of Guangzhou Province, said: "If you sell any robot produced by a local company in Guangdong Province, you will be financially subsidized by 20 % of the amount according to the contract, which is for the production of the robot. ”

According to Zou Sheng, for the application of the robot, all enterprises in Guangdong that purchase robots for upgrading will also be subsidized according to the 10%-20% of the amount of the contract. Together, the enterprises in Guangdong will be able to get 40% of the subsidy when they sell them to Guangdong enterprises. It is under the support of this strength that the robot is pushed to reduce costs, expand production, and help the robot manufacturers further improve their product quality.