Aug 11,2018

The Age Of Intelligent Manufacturing Has Come

Nowadays, with the advent of the age of intelligence, all industries have joined the ranks of the "intelligent" era, so manufacturing has also set off an upsurge of "automation equipment manufacturing" this year.

"Intelligent Manufacturing" can be interpreted from both manufacturing and intelligence. First, manufacturing refers to the process of processing or re-processing raw materials and assembling parts. In general, according to the continuity of production methods, manufacturing is divided into process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing(there is also a method which has a combination of discrete and mixed production).

At present, there is no accurate definition of intelligent manufacturing at the international and domestic levels, but experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have given a more comprehensive descriptive definition: Intelligent manufacturing is based on a new generation of information technology and runs through all aspects of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management, and services. It is the general term for advanced manufacturing processes, systems, and modes with functions of information in-depth self-perception, intelligent optimization by self-decision making, and precise control by self-execution. It has the characteristics of taking the intelligent factory as the carrier, taking the intelligence of key manufacturing as the core, on the basis of the end-to-end data flow, and getting support by network interconnection, which can effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce consumption of energy resources. This actually points out the core technology, management requirements, main functions and economic goals of intelligent manufacturing, which embodies the important role of Intelligent manufacturing in the industrial transformation and upgrading of our country and the sustained development of the national economy.

Intelligent manufacturing is bound to become more and more popular in this era of rapid development of information technology. Therefore, our manufacturing industry must abandon the idea of traditional operations and integrate "intelligence" of enterprises into itself to quickly adapt to the development trend of this society.