Jan 21,2019

Structural characteristics of screw feeders

The driving end bearing and tail bearing of the screw feeder are placed outside the shell of the material groove to reduce the influence of dust on the bearing and improve the service life of the key parts of the screw feeder. Sliding bearing is used in the suspension bearing of screw feeder, and dust-proof sealing device is installed. Nylon or plastic is used for the sealing parts of screw feeder. Therefore, the sealing performance is good, the wear resistance is strong, the resistance is small and the service life is long. The bearing bush of sliding bearing of screw feeder has powder metallurgy, nylon and Babbitt alloy. It can be selected according to different needs. The flexible layout of the inlet and outlet of screw feeder makes it more adaptable and has been recognized by users.

The screw feeding machine is usually composed of driving device, head section, middle section, tail section, head and tail bearing, feeding and discharging device and so on. If conditions permit, it is better to place the driving device at the discharging end, because the driving device and the discharging outlet are reasonably installed at the head section (with thrust bearing assembly), so that the screw can be in the tension-loading state. Each part of the head, middle and tail segments has several different lengths. The arrangement order of each spiral section of screw conveyor should follow the principle of arranging the spiral section in order according to the length of the spiral section and arranging the spiral section of the same specification together. The installation starts from the head and proceeds in sequence. In general arrangement of screw feeder, attention should also be paid to the fact that the base and outlet should not be arranged at the flange of the shell joint, and the inlet and outlet should not be arranged above the suspension bearing.

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