Oct 26,2019

Precautions For Using Automatic Welding Machine

Compared with other welding equipment, an automatic welding machine has a higher degree of automation, and its components are of high quality and original packaging, which is very simple and convenient in operation. The fully automatic welding machine is fast, deep and not easy to deform. It can carry out multi-beam simultaneous processing and multi-position processing, so as to make the weldment more precise. However, the installation of an automatic welding machine is not so simple. Before installation, there should be a good installation environment and corresponding security protection.

Precautions for using automatic welding machine:

1. The torch cable shall not be heavy pressed, and the folding angle shall not be too small. The radius of the wire feeding hose shall not be less than 150 mm, otherwise, it will damage the internal cable, thus leaving potential accidents. Do not switch the voltage commissioning switch during welding.

2. During the welding operation, do not touch the output interface of the welding machine and other live parts.

3. The panel knob shall not be switched or debugged with excessive force, and the stainless steel tube shall be fully automatic welding machine, causing damage to the device.

4. Before each welding, check whether the welding machine is connected correctly and whether the grounding wire is reliable.

Full automatic welding machine safety inspection: the operator shall check the following items before each welding operation:

1. Make sure the good mutual grounding of the welding machine is reliable.

2. Make sure the output and input wires of the welding machine are intact and not exposed.

3. After the welding machine is installed and fixed, it needs to be checked regularly by professionals.

4. There shall be no looseness and other abnormal conditions inside. Check and confirm that the groove and tooth pattern of wire feeding roller are in good condition, and replace the roller and conductive nozzle block when they are worn or in poor contact.