Jan 27,2019

Open Automation Solutions Applied to Handling and Assembly Technology

High-performance production technology is a magic weapon to win in the fierce global competition. The shortening of technological innovation cycle and the increasing variety of product models put forward higher requirements for system solutions. Flexible automation solutions can significantly improve the competitive advantage and shorten the time to market.

Assembly or processing technology must be able to keep pace with the shortening of product cycle and adapt to changing production conditions. The modular system is equipped with components that can be easily reconfigured to ensure maximum flexibility of the system. The existing connection lines are designed to integrate additional modules with new functions, so as to improve the re-usability of the system. The advanced system has the characteristics of large capacity, excellent quality and low unit cost. In addition to the inherent demand for smaller production batches and higher production speed, trace-ability and more comprehensive electronic process documentation and inspection are becoming increasingly important.
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