Dec 15,2018

Non-standard Automation Machine

The definition of non-standard automation equipment is user-customized, user-only, non-market circulation automation system integration equipment, which is assembled by the unit equipment manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state, and is developed and manufactured according to the needs of customers. Different types of customers have different process requirements.


The production of non-standard automation equipment is not as simple as that of general standard equipment. The production of general standard equipment can be completed according to the specific rules and procedures. Non-standard automation equipment needs to be designed independently according to the specific place of use, industry characteristics and use. There is no specific reference model for the design of non-standard automation equipment.


With the development of industry, the demand for workers in all walks of life is increasing dramatically. In the production sector, the wages of workers in labor-intensive enterprises are a huge expense, and the cost is rising sharply. Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of products, we want to make cheaper products. The only way to go is to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The speed of manual operation is limited. No matter which position or product, we can not rule out the possibility of operating by machines. The wages of workers will not decrease (determined by the Labor Law) and they will be paid on time every month. The cost will increase with the extension of their working life.