Nov 07,2019

Maintenance Method And Maintenance Of Automated Production Machine

There are two ways to repair the automated production machinery:

1.Partial repair method: if there is a big problem with automated production machine, the repair time will be longer. The synchronous repair cannot be used. At this time, the use of holidays, centralized maintenance workers, operators, a part of the repair. Wait until the next holiday to repair the other part. Ensure that the automated production machine does not stop production during working hours. In addition, try to adopt the method of pre-repair in management. Install a timer in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, use the wear rule to predict the wear of vulnerable parts, and replace the vulnerable parts in advance, so as to eliminate the fault in advance. Ensure full load production of production equipment.

2. Synchronous repair method: during production, if any fault is found, try not to repair it, and adopt the maintenance method. Make the automated production machine continue to be produced to holidays, centralize the maintenance workers and operators, repair all problems at the same time. The equipment will be in full production on Monday.

Maintenance of automated production machine:

1.Patrol inspection shall be carried out during the work process, spot check shall be carried out for key parts, the record shall be made in case of any abnormality, deal with small problems before and after the shift (the time is not long), and prepare accessories for major problems.

2. Check and clean the circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit and mechanical transmission parts (such as guide rail) before and after the shift;

3. Unify the whole line shutdown maintenance, make a good plan for vulnerable parts, and replace vulnerable parts in advance, so as to prevent accidents before they occur.

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