Aug 03,2018

Future Prospects Of Intelligent CNC System For Non-standard Automation Equipment

In the context of the automation equipment industry 4.0 and "Internet +", the future development and competition of CNC systems have undergone new reforms. More competition in China will focus on how to use the advantages of the Internet. The numerical control system's computing power has been infinitely expanded, and through the understanding of emerging business models such as sharing economy, it has become an important trend for the future to reasonably build appropriate functions.

1.Intelligent Requirements for CNC Systems

The demand for intelligent CNC machine tool

From the point of view of manufacturing technology itself, the intelligence of the CNC system is carried out in four aspects as shown in Figure 4: operation intelligence, processing non-standard automation, maintenance intelligence and management intelligence.

The performance of machine tool is further improved by using various sensors and real-time monitoring and compensation technology. Mazak, Okuwa and other companies in Japan have provided many advanced technologies in intelligence, such as vibration suppression of the main shaft, intelligent collision prevention, and other functions. Shenyang machine tool i5 CNC provides feature-based programming and graphical diagnosis.

2. Digital Control System Based on Cloud Platform

Based on cloud computing, the University of Stuttgart, Germany, proposed the "global localization" cloud numerical control system. Its concept is shown in Figure 5. It can be seen from the figure that the human-machine interface, CNC core, and PLC of traditional numerical control systems are all moved to the cloud. Only the servo drive and security control of the machine tool are retained locally, and communication modules, middleware, and Ethernet interfaces are added to the cloud to communicate with local CNC systems through routers. In this way, the "Digital Twin" of each machine tool in the cloud can be configured, optimized, and maintained in the cloud, which greatly facilitates the use of machine tools and realizes the so-called controller as a service.

The Concept of cloud numerical control system

Digital twins refer to digital mirrors of specific physical objects, including design specifications and engineering models describing their geometry, materials, components, and behaviors, as well as production and operational data unique to the entities they represent, becoming inseparable "partners". They are the latest and accurate real-time image of physical object properties and states, including shape, position, state, and motion.

The digital twins of machine tools can exist in multiple information fields at the same time, and there are multiple "incarnations". They take on the role of program demonstration, structure and function verification, and performance parameter optimization at the product design stage; In the planning stage of the construction of the factory, they participate in the completion of layout planning, system optimization simulation, and other work;  In the operation stage, the state of processing is judged and predicted, and the intelligent control and preventive maintenance of the machine tool is realized. Until the end of the product, They even exist afterward.

3.Internet CNC System and Its Ecosystem

Under the condition of the Internet, the CNC system must be a transparent intelligent terminal that can produce data, so that the manufacturing process and its entire life cycle are "data transparent." Through the "transparency" of intelligent terminals, it can realize the transparency of the manufacturing process, which not only makes it convenient to process parts but also produce real-time data for management, finance, production, and sales. And the integration of resources and information in a series of production and management links such as equipment, production planning, design, manufacturing, supply chain, manpower, finance, sales, and inventory can be achieved.

The intelligentization and networking of CNC system are the trends of the situation. Based on the concept of CPS, the development of intelligent numerical control system is guided, and the intelligentization of CNC machine tools is realized through the network and platform from the perspective of the whole system.

The development of intelligence is a gradual process. At present, there are different understandings of intelligence and no universally applicable solutions. The innovation and real operation of CNC machine tools depend on the intelligence and network of CNC system. In the future, the CNC system will more and more infiltrate the influence of the Internet into the manufacturing process. Through the accumulation, transmission and mining of data, more and more intelligent manufacturing capabilities will be born. Transparency and sharing will bring great changes to the manufacturing industry.