Aug 08,2018

Does non-standard automation equipment need to be transformed?

Following the gradual development of electronic technology, more and more advanced and more intelligent non-standard automation equipment has enabled humans to see the bright future, and the interest of robots has surged. Since the birth of the first industrial robot in the United States in the 1960s, industrial robots have been widely used for more than 50 years. They have accurately and tirelessly completed various simple repetitive tasks, effectively improving labor productivity and reducing production costs.

In recent years, the speed of robot development can be said to be very rapid. For example, in the field of earthquake rescue, the two earthquake rescue robots developed by the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have played a significant role in helping the rescuers to complete the rescue mission well. The development of Chinese robots has broadened new areas. In the manufacturing industry, the development of robots and industrial automation is also rapid. In the past, robots were mainly used in the automotive field. Now, this limit has been broken and has been popularized and applied in other manufacturing industries. We learned from the Dongguan area of Guangdong that last year, the Dongguan City Economic and Trade Bureau took the lead, Guangdong Topstar, as the main speaker, in seven towns and districts, told seven "machines for a year to return" Automation also highlights the company's core technology advantages in high-speed servo manipulators and non-standard automation, which greatly promotes the pace of machine substitution (traditional manufacturing to industrial automation transformation and upgrading).

Under the new normal, more and more traditional manufacturing enterprises will gradually be replaced by robots, and this will gradually spread and gradually integrate into people's daily lives. Automated production is deeply integrated into various fields, and life will be more convenient. Various robots, injection molding machines, punching machines, conveyors, etc. are constantly appearing in everyone's eyes. However, with the development of modern technology, the rapid progress in the field of automation has also caused many people to panic. As the robots gradually entered our living environment, there was a worrying event. In Japan, a repairman at a factory accidentally touched the start button of the machine. The machine for processing the gear immediately worked and the worker was picked up as a gear and placed on a processing table to form patties. In the summer of 1982, when a British female worker tested the battery of an industrial robot, the robot suddenly started and folded the female worker's arm into two sections. Robots do not recognize humans and industrial products, and mistakes cause humans to become victims.

Although it is close to industrial life and even facilitates our production, we can't deny that these "automated machines" can harm humans. However, there are also some other views in China's industry that are completely different. With the increase of labor shortage and the transformation of manufacturing industry, robots can help human beings, such as simply introducing several robots, which can accelerate the development trend of the industry. Machine automation is the best production tool and a human partner. It is competent for all kinds of work without complaints, work speed is extremely fast, and accuracy is extremely high, and endurance is extremely long, making all circles of life better, faster and superior. yihada(5)