Jul 27,2018

Customer Requirements And Classification Of Automation Equipment

Section1 Content and classification of customer requirements (examples)

1.The equipment functional requirements, Production capacity requirements, and good quality requirements.

2. To save manpower, import time and equipment price.

3.The control requirements, wiring requirements, operation convenience, appearance requirements and space requirements.

4.The equipment applicability, safety, maintenance, spare parts procurement and technical support.

5.The selection of standard parts( guidance brand) and other requirements.

Section2 Classification of equipment requirements

1. Explicit needs

The requirements that the customer clearly put forward are collectively referred to as explicit requirements, and it is the rationality of these requirements that the equipment suppliers need to communicate with the customer about. These requirements include not only the main function parameters of the device but also other auxiliary function requirements and customer personalization requirements. These are undoubtedly the most important ones, which must be satisfied. These requirements should be as data-oriented as possible, and those that cannot be digitalized should also be clearly described, without the production of ambiguity.

2. Hidden needs

The requirements that the customer does not explicitly propose but must be met according to the general equipment specification or industry specification are called hidden requirements, including safety, anti-dust, anti-explosion, anti-static, appearance shape and color, material use, noise, and use environment etc.. Some requirements are often easily overlooked, but we should communicate with customers about these.