Dec 15,2018

Composition of Non-Standard Automation Equipment

With the shortage of human resources, non-standard automation machine will continue to expand and popularize in the future market, and the corresponding talents in the industry will also have a great demand. Design is theoretical knowledge. Production does not require much beauty. Practicality is good, and the aim is simple, efficient, economical and practical. As a senior designer, the evaluation of mechanical schemes should have strong judgment ability, which can avoid many detours.

Save time and cost of automation equipment development. A successful designer should be like a veteran general, able to strategize, control the manufacturing process of newly developed equipment products well, and achieve the expected results.


Assembly is also critical for non-standard automation machinery. It is not simply assembled and debugged. As a qualified assembly engineer, the service life of the machine he assembles should be longer than that of the same type of equipment. This requires not only the practical experience of the assembler, but also the full understanding and application of the running track of the equipment components, matching tolerance and material performance. The key is to be careful, be good at finding problems, and feed back to the design to analyze and solve problems together. In my opinion, assembly engineers are no longer the fitters mentioned by the elders. Non-standard fitters should have solid theoretical knowledge, rich assembly experience, process tracking and quality inspection of parts processing technology, in order to help engineers complete a set of success.