Nov 01,2019

Automatic Assembly Line Manufacturer Various Parts Repair And Maintenance Methods

1. Automatic assembly line manufacturer's head motor repair and maintenance method: do not water the motor, or add diesel oil and liquid organic compounds to the motor, because this may cause damage to the insulation of the motor and failure. The maintenance method of the governor's head is the same as that of the motor. Check the motor maintenance and repair in the electrician's manual.

2. Chain repair and maintenance methods of automated assembly line manufacturer: after long-term operation of the chain, the original lubricating oil may be heated and volatilized, which may cause the chain to be unbalanced, noisy and crawling during operation. At this time, the sealing plate at the tail of the machine can be opened, and the chain can be added with butter or a little thick lubricating oil, etc.

3. Repair and maintenance method of the automatic assembly line manufacturer head reducer: just use it for about three months, drain the oil in the reducer, clean the gearbox with diesel or gasoline, and add new lubricating oil to the middle of the observation window immediately after the oil is drained. (pay attention to the lack of lubrication every month). In the future, you can change the lubricating oil once a year. Too much lubricating oil may cause the gearbox to heat up and the motor overload may cause the motor protection switch to trip. Too little lubricating oil may cause gearbox heating, noise increase, and gearbox strangulation.

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