Jul 09,2019

Introduction to Assembly and Automation Technology

The main contents of the assembly and automation technology pipeline:

Automatic transmission
Automatic feeding
Automatic assembly

Application objects of an automatic assembly line: bearings, motors, and appliances, automobiles, engines, bicycles, watches, communication equipment.

Basic requirements of the automatic assembly line:
1. The production program is stable, and the annual output is large, the batch is large, and the standardization and generalization of spare parts are high.
Stability of production program is a necessary condition for the automated assembly line, and large quantities of annual output can improve the utilization rate of equipment; high degree of standardization and generalization can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle and reduce production costs.

2. The product has a good automatic assembly process.
(1) Try to have a simple structure and fewer assembling parts.
(2) The shape of assembly datum and main mating surfaces is regular, and the positioning accuracy is easily guaranteed.
(3) The motion pairs should be easy to be sorted so as to achieve the matching accuracy.
(4) The shape of the main parts is regular, symmetrical and easy to realize automatic orientation.

3. After realizing the automatic assembly line with assembly and automation technology, it is economically reasonable and the production cost is reduced.

Design and Application of Automatic Assembly Line

In the production process of enterprises, assembly operation needs a lot of manpower and material resources, which occupies a large proportion of the total production cost. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the technology of automatic assembly line is becoming more and more mature, and the application field is becoming more and more extensive. The automated assembly line has changed the traditional assembly mode and greatly saved manpower and material costs.

What is an automatic assembly line? What are the applications of the automatic assembly line?

The automated assembly line is an assembly and automation technology that replaces manual labor with automated machinery. Assembly and automation technology takes robots as assembling machinery and requires flexible peripherals. In the assembly process, the automated assembly line can complete the following forms of operation: parts transmission, positioning and connection; parts fixed by pressing or by fastening bolts and nuts; assembly dimension control and ensuring the quality of parts connection or fixation; conveying assembled parts or products, and packaging or stacking them in containers.

The automated assembly line is to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure product quality, especially to reduce or replace manual assembly work under special conditions. The realization of an automatic assembly line is an important symbol of production process automation or factory automation, as well as a system worker.

The realization of an automatic assembly line is an important symbol of production process automation or factory automation, and also an important content of system engineering in the field of mechanical manufacturing.