Jul 31,2019

Introduction of Non-Standard Custom Assembly Machines

Non-standard automatic custom assembly machines are characterized by small market demand, large professional use, and no ready-made equipment can be purchased. However, any company with a mass-production type may have a special request for production and processing.

It seems that there is no standard for non-standard custom assembly machines. Practice is in the process of planning, but it needs more intelligence to develop planning thancustom assembly machines.

Requirements for such personnel engaged in planning non-standard automatic custom assembly machines are also very high. In addition to a solid knowledge of mechanical planning, he should also have strong hands-on assembly skills. As long as theory and practice are combined, the planned equipment can meet the needs of users and shopping malls. The planning process of non-standard automatic custom assembly machines is also the process of exploration, the process of self-completion and value enhancement. As long as the developers take planning as fun, the planned equipment will be lively.

The concept of non-standard automatic custom assembly machines is broad, which includes: transmission line, active testing, active transfer, active loading and unloading, etc. Each factory or production line needs different automated equipment to replace manual labor or reduce the labor intensity of workers. Non-standard planning should be made according to the actual situation of the site.

Active customization assembly machine involves common sense such as organizational structure, electrical control, PLC program and so on. The planning of each equipment will be different according to the structure and common sense used in practice.