Jul 16,2019

Introduction of Automatic Foam Cutting Machine

Foam automatic cutting machine is mainly used for cutting various materials. The product adopts advanced computer control system, and can cut complex 3D models. It improves your work efficiency and has an ideal incision at the same time.

It can be used for cutting sponge, foam, pearl cotton, insulation board and other materials. It is controlled by European-style line computer automation. It is suitable for model making, prop making and lost foam making.

Working principle

The foam automatic cutting machine is processed by a computer controlled actuator (stepping motor) to drive the heating wire to cut in the direction of X and Y, thereby processing the three-dimensional model. This will enable the foam material to be cut quickly and accurately. Precision control allows us to cut almost any shape from materials of the same thickness as the required product. By designing and cutting multiple facets of a product, more complex three-dimensional products can also be formed. The automatic manipulator foam cutting machine adopts stepper motor, with stable movement and free speed regulation. It can meet the requirement of cutting special graphics and changing speed continuously. The display screen has the functions of displaying cutting patterns, tracking cutting and so on, and the cutting speed can be adjusted.

Compared with the traditional manual cutting system, the foam automatic cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. With precision and repetitive production, it does not depend on the operator's proficiency.
2. The loss caused by operator's fatigue or mistake is completely eradicated.
3. Low labor intensity and high production efficiency.
4. There is no need to build and repair and store models, which greatly reduces the cost.
5. It is computer automatic control cutting, reducing waste.
6. Design modification, template making, trajectory generation, cutting workpiece can be completed by a single equipment.
7. Due to the switching regulated power supply, the cutting voltage is completely separated from 220V, eliminating the power outage of employees.

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