Jul 20,2019

The Influence of CNC Machine Tool Automatic Manipulator

The influence of CNC machine tool automatic manipulator on modern control manufacturing industry is enormous. It not only promotes a new round of development of traditional industries, but also has the same market competitiveness as modern sunrise industries. Indeed, the era of intellectualized production has long passed, especially today when the theme of "safety" and "energy saving and efficiency" is around. The operation of CNC machine tool automatic manipulator on the assembly line is undoubtedly more able to meet the needs of enterprises. Safety and quality are two driving forces for the development of automatic manipulators of CNC machine tools.

In the field of CNC machine tools, it has become a trend that CNC machine tool robots replace manual loading and unloading operations. CNC machine tool manipulators can meet the needs of industrial automation. The combination of CNC machine tool manipulator and CNC machine tool can form production line, complete automation and unmanned processing process, increase labor productivity, reduce cost, and make production line develop into flexible manufacturing system. It meets the requirement of the development of CNC machinery industry automation production in the era.

Automatic Manipulators from YIHEDA AUTOMATION:
Transverse manipulator (with-multiple-grippers)
Transverse manipulator
Adjustable transfer PPU
U-type high-speed transfer PPUU
90 Degree Transfer PPU
Turntable linkage high-speed manipulator
Transverse manipulator