OCV Full-Automatic Assembly Line

The OCV assembly line is used to complete the assembly and testing of the solenoid valve and is divided into 11 processes. Each process is used to complete specific product feeding, assembly, testing, and marking, etc.
  • OCV Full-Automatic Assembly Line
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  • OCV Full-Automatic Assembly Line
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The following is part of the process flow of this machine

1. The assembly of the connector completes the automatic feeding of OCV solenoid valve parts 
2. The main line completes the feeding and assembly of parts such as covers and wires, and no bumps or scratches may occur during the assembly.
3. Solenoid valve closing and riveting process, it can monitor the closing pressure value and riveting height
4. Test the air tightness of the product and no bumps or scratches may occur on the valve body during testing. The machine is equipped with functions of error prevention and traceability. 

Machine feature of OVC Full Automatic Assembly Line

1. Laser welding: After welding, the impurity particles are less than0.2 mm
2. Body closing: Coaxiality of the closing of assembled valve sleeve is less than 0.25mm 
3. During welding, the product will not have bruising, scratches and so on.
4. During assembly, the displacement detection can accurately detect the quality of the product, and prevent leakage or wrong loading.

Machine parameter of OVC Full Automatic Assembly Line

Capacity: FL08.0088.01
Power: AC380V
Floor space: 6360*3900*1800(L*W*H)
Station: 1
Power: 10KW