Mask Production Machine -Medical Flat Mask-face mask machine

The face mask machine can produce 1 to 4 layers non-woven fabrics breather. The thickness of the mask and the nose line length are adjustable in a reasonable range . The machine can produce both single and double nose line breather. The rubber band of the packaging line is placing inside the conveyor belt box . The rubber band of each side of the mask will be fed and cut automatically, with high output , low scrape rate and easy operation. For it’s control system, use HMI to control the screen ,which can display time , total output ,daily output and set up auto alarm and turn-off times. The number key can also regulate the tape speed. The unloading of the mask is performed by conveyor with controllable speed ,orderly output ,stable quality ,easy operation and high production efficiency; Use ultrasonic welding machine to make the mask with great perforce ,high-speed cutting ,spot welding and packing. 

  • Mask Production Machine -Medical Flat Mask-face mask machine
  • Medical Flat Mask-face mask machine
  • Medical Flat Mask-face mask machine2
  • Medical Flat Mask-face mask machine3
  • mask production machine
  • mask production machine1
  • mask production machine3
  • mask production machine3

Fully Automatic Flat Mask production line

From the production of the mask body to the welding of the nose bar, and spot welding of ear band , all process completed fully automatically at one time, no manual work is required.

The size of nose bar and length of mask body setting can be designed according to the customer's requirements.

The folding position of the mask can be adjusted freely according to the requirements, high-accurate positioning and no displacement is allowed.

Control system: computer program control, high stability, low defective rate 

Automatic counting, accurate control of production efficiency and production schedule.

Variable frequency control, users can adjust the production speed according to the actual needs.

Compared with the segmented mask production equipment, this kind of equipment is more efficient, can reduce time and labor cost.

Humanized design, safe, simple and stable operation.