Valve lifter automatic assembly line

Engine is the heart of automotive, hydraulic tappet is one of the most important parts of automotive engine. Hydraulic tappet automatic assembly line is a fully automatic assembly line, was designed to assemble and checking products. The process mainly include feeding, assembling, marking and unloading. The machine is consists of feeding device, assemble unit, press-fitting unit, open pressure, air-tightness inspection system and unloading conveyor device. After feeding, the material will be picked up by manipulator for assembly. Related air-tightness test and spring test will be performed after finished the assembly. Once all process has been done, the qualified product will be put on tray automatically.

1. The feeding system loads ball base, spring, plunger, ball, etc.

2. Indexing system, pick&load manipulator, servo driver are used to realize the automatic transportation, assembly and inspection.  

3. Open force, air-tightness inspection system are performed to meet the inspection requirements of product. 

Advantages of valve tappet automatic inspection and assembly line:

All material are fed automatically, finishing final assembly with high efficiency and stability.

Different kinds of inspection to ensure the quality of each product

Check valve spring, circlip are winded on line to ensure stable supply.

Utilize WEISS turntable with double station fixture

No damage, scratch, deformation allowed during inspection.

Related automation design:


Feeding system

Assembly line

WEISS turntable

•Inspection device

  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line
  • Valve lifter automatic assembly line

Automation Assemly Line Main process is as follow

1. The feeding device completes the feeding of ball base, spring, plunger and ball, etc. 
2. The feeding and assembly device completes the product assembly and testing, etc., which includes the indexing assembly system, transfer manipulator, servo drive, etc.
3. The pressure and air tightness testing system is used for testing various parameters of products.

Machine feature of Automotive Plunger Assembly Machine

1. All the products are automatic feeding, which guarantees the high efficiency and stability of the assembly.
2. Use multiple detection processes to ensure the quality of the product.
3. The check valve spring and the stuck ring are all feeding by winding, which makes the feeding become more stable.
4. Use the WEISS rotary table to cooperate with the double station.
5. Stable assembly and transportation, high detection efficiency.

Machine parameters

Cycle time:2.8s/pcs