Aug 04,2019

Industrial Robot Integration and Application

Today we will introduce the industrial robot integration and application, including water cutting, welding, grinding, handling and other four directions.

1.Water cutting
It is suitable for high pressure water cutting of various materials (such as glass, marble, leather, plastics, steel plate, automobile interior parts, etc.). It can precisely cut the complex workpiece of free-form surface. It is used in automotive interior and exterior accessories, aircraft manufacturing, building materials and clothing industries.

It can greatly improve the cutting quality and production efficiency of the workpiece, and is suitable for the processing of various products. Compared with impact forming, it can greatly save the cost of die development. It can also reduce the labor intensity and free workers from the complicated labor.

2. Welding
Composition of welding robot:
It mainly includes two parts: robot and welding equipment. The robot is composed of robot body and control cabinet (hardware and software). Welding equipment, for example, arc welding and spot welding, consists of welding power source (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding torch (clamp) and so on. For intelligent robots, there should also be sensing systems, such as laser or camera sensors and their control devices.

Characteristics and applications:
Welding robot has the characteristics of stable welding quality, improving workers' working conditions and improving labor productivity. It is widely used in automobile, construction machinery, general machinery, metal structure and weapons industry. According to incomplete statistics, about half of the industrial robots in service around the world are used in various forms of welding processing.

3. Grinding
Many castings need to be burred artificially. It is time-consuming, poor grinding effect and inefficient, and the operator's hands are often injured. Air contamination and noise in burring work site will damage the operator's physical and mental health.

Steel castings of various specifications and complex shapes are polished. It can also polish aircraft glass, large special-shaped parts, various metal household articles (silver, gold utensils, cookers, lamps, crafts), aircraft, motorcycles and automotive parts.

4. Handling
Work Introduction:
Moving industry refers to the use of a device to hold the workpiece, move things from one processing position to another processing position. Handling robots can install different end effectors to complete the work of workpiece handling in different shapes and states, which greatly reduces the heavy manual labor of human beings. It is widely used in machine tool loading and unloading, stamping machine automatic production line, automatic assembly line, palletizing, container and other automatic handling.