Jul 24,2019

How Does the Automatic Feeder Circulate?

Automatic screw feeding systems (automatic screw feeder) are also called automatic granulator. It has a small hopper on the raw material dryer. The hopper is composed of hopper, induction switch, mechanical air switch, filter screen, inlet and outlet, suction port, suction pipe, feed pipe and so on.

Host: Automatic screw feeding systems are mainly controlled by time relay.

The automatic screw feeding systems are composed of motor, filter, air inlet, air suction device, induction connection line and multiple relays.

Working Principle of Automatic Feeder: When the small hopper has no material, the mechanical air switch will fall down and turn on the induction switch. When the induction switch is turned on, the relay of the main engine is turned on to start the motor, which drives the exhaust device and starts to pass through the air filter to the small hopper. Under the action of suction, the mechanical air switch closes the outlet upward to form a small hopper vacuum. The feeding inlet has a feeding pipe leading to the hopper, and the raw material begins to enter the small hopper. The raw material is isolated by the filter screen and will not inhale the direction of the motor. When the motor set operation time to stop, the small hopper without vacuum mechanical air switch falls, and raw materials fall into the dryer to feed. This is how the automatic feeder ends the cycle.