May 08,2018

Future demand for non-standard automation equipment

The development of non-standard automation equipment industry has greatly improved the demand for workers in all walks of life. In the production department, labor-intensive enterprise workers is a big spending, and in a sharp rise in costs. To guarantee the quality of products, if we want to make higher profits, the only way is to decrease the production cost and improve production efficiency.

But manual operation speed is limited, and the wages of workers is only will go up (determined by labor law), and each month has to pay on time, the fees are increased along with the extended length of workers.

With the continuous improvement of labor costs, more and more enterprises are starting to pay attention to the field of factory automation, also has brought the industry to develop business opportunities. At the same time, how to improve the service level has become the priority of non-standard automation equipment industry.

The market environment
With the shortage of human resources, non-standard automation equipment will be expanded and popularized in the future market. There will also be great demand for talents in the industry. The design is theoretical knowledge, the production is not required to be beautiful, the purpose is simple, efficient, economical, practical. As a senior designer, the evaluation of mechanical schemes should be highly judgmental, which can avoid many detours. Saving equipment development time and cost. A successful designer should have a good command of the new developed equipment manufacturing process to achieve the expected results.