Jun 28,2019

Dongguan Yiheda Intelligent Manufacturing Supply Chain South China Center Project

Congratulations to dongguan yiheda intelligent manufacturing supply chain south China center project foundation laying ceremony successfully concluded!

On the morning of May 28, 2019, the "south China center for intelligent manufacturing supply chain of yiheda" (hereinafter referred to as "south China center" project) held a simple but solemn foundation laying ceremony. "South China center" project covers an area of 51,776 square meters (about 78 mu), with a total construction area of about 154,000 square meters. The project was officially started in May 2019.

Yiheda intelligent manufacturing supply chain south China center rendering

"South China center" project was included into the key project of dongguan in 2019, which was highly valued by dongguan municipal party committee and government and hengli town committee and town government. Secretary of the municipal party committee standing committee shao-wen huang, horizontal drain ZhenWei winkle yao, change a city bureau deputy director, city, city major run large bay XiaoBiLiang, deputy director of the standing deputy director of the municipal bureau of industry and Liu Jintang, horizontal drain ZhenWei deputy secretary and mayor Zhao Zhijia, city market supervision administration deputy researcher Chen gang, songshan lake management committee member zhu WoQiang and town party committee two levels of related department heads attended the based activities.

At the foundation laying ceremony, Mr. Jin liguo, chairman and general manager of yiheda, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company, and introduced the mission vision, business logic, future development plan and relevant information of the upcoming "south China center" project to all the leaders, guests, shareholders and customers. Behind, horizontal drain ZhenWei deputy secretary and mayor Zhao Zhijia and hair change bureau deputy director, city, city major run large bay XiaoBiLiang on stage speech respectively, deputy director of the standing to fully support and cooperate with good projects, create a good construction environment, full, full, full attention to support the development of the enterprise, wish the project early production, and the benefits.

"Dongguan yiheda intelligent manufacturing supply chain south China center" project construction is a milestone for yiheda to start its leapfrog development. YIHEDA will remember "promote non-standard automation industry technology progress and systemic costs down" the mission, don't forget the "universal automation, automation equipment assignment can be made in China" , with the wisdom of "No fear of obscuring vision by the floating clouds",  with the "A relentless grasp on the verdured mountain-side." as resilience, our contributions to the development of China's manufacturing industry.

Some of Yiheda automation equipment and technology:
Automation Assembly Line Production Line
Automated Vision Inspection Equipment
Assembly Automation Technology
Automatic Conveyor Belt System
Electric Roller Conveyor
Screw Feeding Machine
Tube Welding Machine
Automatic Packing
Automatic Welding System Industrial Electronics