May 08,2018

Development of non-standard automation equipment

Although the non-standard equipment industry generally presents an obvious uptrend, that is, the market for non-standard equipment is broad, and even some traditional industries will likely become the most potential market. However, the number of non-standard enterprises in China is large, the scale is small, the technology is backward, and in this domain and developed country has at least 10-20 years gap.

Some of China's enterprises are not familiar with electronic products, can't or won't choose that greatly restrict the improvement of the level, and many did not truly independent core technology, rely on equipment import obviously difficult to drop in its costs. At present, high-end products are still imported mainly from abroad.

According to market logic, the growth market space can improve the technology research and development level of the enterprise and expand the scale of the enterprise, so as to provide enterprises with good development opportunities. The formation of anything has its subjective and objective causes, and the mechanism of formation is intricate. The status of non-standard equipment is also the result of various elements.