May 08,2018

How to improve the design capability of non-standard automation equipment

Non-standard automation equipment has a wide range of applications in various industries, and its design quality has an important impact on the development of industrial enterprises and even the national economy. So we must strengthen the design and research of non-standard automation equipment. By increasing the design level of designers, strengthening the standardization of design, and improving the ease of use of design, the following measures are taken by Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd.

1. Improve the ease of use of the design

The design of non-standard automation equipment must fully consider the processing and production process of the equipment, so that the designed machine can meet the operating habits of the employees and can be easily accepted and mastered by the employees, thereby improving the durability and ease of use of the equipment.

2. To strengthen the standardization of design

Design standardization is the key to promoting the smooth development of design work and improving the design quality of non-standard automation equipment. At the same time, design standardization lays the foundation for the introduction of foreign advanced technology. If you want to carry out standardized design work, you need to do following works.

First of all, we must formulate rigorous design procedures and step by step to design such as program verification, drawing design, and process performance review. The design drawings and design documents should be carefully checked to ensure that they meet the relevant design rules. They also need to undergo a rigorous review, especially the symbols, terms, formats, and code names used therein.

The above is an analysis of how to improve the design capabilities of non-standard automation equipment for the introduction of Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co., Ltd. manufacturers, hoping to provide a reference for everyone. By analyzing the above for everyone, we can improve the design capabilities of non-standard automation equipment from the above aspects.