Jul 25,2019

Characteristics of Screw Feeder

The connection mode between the inlet of the automatic screw feeding systems and the cement silo: Rigid connection of spherical hinge flange and soft connection of suspension and waterproof canvas. The main features of two series of screw machines are as follows:

1. The connection mode between the inlet and outlet of the automatic screw feeding systems can be divided into two types: rigid connection of spherical hinge flange and soft connection of hanging and waterproof canvas. The frequency of disassembly and assembly of visual equipment determines the interface form.

2. The front and rear spiral blades have sparse and dense pitches, which can effectively prevent pipe blockage. It is commonly known as "eat less, vomit fast". The high precision manufacturing of blades ensures that the material is filled with pipes when conveying. The users can judge the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic screw feeding systems from the flattening of the canvas sleeve at the inlet and outlet of the screw machine.

3. When making continuous helical blades, cold-working hardening surface cold-rolling treatment is adopted. The hardness and wear resistance of continuous helical blades are about twice as high as those of ordinary blades, and the outer hardness can reach HB240.

4. The inner axle of the screw machine is equipped with an intermediate suspension bearing to support the rotation of the inner axle within a certain distance. The bearing seat of the intermediate suspension is mostly made of cast steel or cast aluminium, and the single cantilever bearing body makes the interruption distance between the front and rear blades smaller, and maximizes the material flow cross section so as to make the material flow smoothly and without hindrance.

5. The special design of the front support makes the internal axis of the helix bear tension when it is in normal operation. The pulling force is borne by thrusting bearings in the front support, which prevents the reducer and the middle suspension bearing from being compressed, and avoids the phenomenon of chamber sweeping caused by the pressure on the bolt shaft.

6. It uses high quality imported high-strength wear-resistant steel to make continuous spiral blades. After forming, the pitch error is less than 5 mm and the blade surface is smooth. It ensures the uniformity and stability of material transportation, thus ensuring the repetitive accuracy of material measurement.