Aug 01,2019

Characteristics of Industrial Robot System Integration

In the field of industrial robots, the main competitive advantage of Chinese enterprises at present is industrial robot integration. In China, 80% of robotics enterprises are concentrated in this field. Research and development of application integration system are the most profitable and technological threshold link in the robot industry chain. In recent years, with the rapid growth of industrial robotics industry, the robotic system integration industry has also been warming up year by year, which is highly sought after. Next, I will briefly introduce the characteristics of industrial robot system integration.

1. It cannot be replicated in batches
Industrial robot integration project is not-standardized; each project is different, and it can not be 100% replicated. Therefore, it is difficult to scale up.

2. Familiarity with downstream industries
Be familiar with the relevant industry processes. As industrial robot integration is a product of secondary development, it is necessary to be familiar with work such as downstream industry processes, complete reprogramming, and distribution.

3. The need for professionals
The core competitiveness of system integrators is talents, among which the core is sales staff, project engineers and field installation and commissioning personnel. Salesmen are responsible for taking orders. Project engineers design plans according to the requirements of orders. Installation and commissioning personnel go to the customer's site for installation and debugging, and ultimately are delivered to the customer for use.

4. It needs to pay in advance.
As the price of hardware products is declining year by year and the profit is getting thinner, the sales mode of hardware products driven by projects alone has past. Generally speaking, the financial pressure of the industrial robot integration will not be too great, but if several projects are carried out at the same time, or the amount of a single project is too large, there will be financial pressure, which needs to be paid to suppliers, and some purchases require payment on delivery.