Jul 11,2019

Automated Manufacturing Line Science Popularization

(1)The meaning of automated manufacturing line: A number of active machine tools placed in the order of certain skills, combined with workpiece transmission equipment and control system, according to the production rhythm of the rules, the workpiece actively and sequentially passes through each processing station for active processing of the connecting line.

(2)Composition of the automated manufacturing line: Active production line is composed of the main machine, transmission system, control system, etc. In the meantime, the workpiece conveying system of the main line usually includes machine tool loading and unloading equipment, conveying equipment and storage equipment. The control system of the active line is mainly used to ensure the machine tool and workpiece transmission system in the line, as well as the normal operation of auxiliary equipment in accordance with the regular operation cycle and interlocking requirements, and equipped with problem detection equipment and signal equipment.

(3) Advantages of automated manufacturing line: Selecting active line in mass and mass production can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve commodity quality, improve working conditions, reduce production area, reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, ensure production balance and have obvious economic benefits.