May 08,2018

Applicability of automatic assembly machine

In recent years, with the development of China's economy, more companies are choosing the initiative machinery installation, like Foxconn in recent three years to add 1 million robots to handle worker question. Of course on the basis of professional, the use of automatic assembly machine also is not the same. Automatic assembly machine according to the different types of product can be divided into the following career.

1. Electronic and electric light touch switch mounting machine, relay automatic assembly machine, reset automatic assembly machine, transformer automatic assembly machine, etc.

2. Hardware casters automatic assembly machine, bearing automatic assembly machine, toy automatic assembly machine, gear assembly machine, automatic assembly machine, etc.

Automatic assembly machine also can be used in the home appliance industry, automobile industry, etc.
Automatic assembly machine will be a trend of factory automation.

In the automatic assembly machine plan, according to the content of the operation and the production tempo, the production skill flow is combined with the series plan and the parallel plan. For transfer to expand and the characteristics of the phased implementation, select the superior control and unit control secondary computer collecting and distributing control methods, and unit control operation panel, check the disadvantages warning system, make the whole control system more perfect. The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and other signals to monitor the operation status of each performance mechanism in the machine. After the judgment, the next step of performance instruction is announced. The man-machine interface is used to show the machine's operation status, operation record, and to send instructions to the machine by the operator.

The composition of the automatic assembly machine should be discussed in the timing of the installation of parts.